It's Alive!

So we have a possessed puzzle in the house. This thingmakes noises in the night. When the puzzle pieces are put in, each piece makes the sound of that animal. That's supposed to be the ONLY time it makes animal noises! Yeah, the thing is freaky. The other night it kept meowing. Today it was mooing. Yup, freaky!

So back to Norman again. Have I ever posted about how he follows the sun around the house? Well on the weekends and specifically after breakfast when we are all in the TV room, Norm hops form sunny spot to sunny spot. He basically just follows the sun around the room. I can tell you he's come up with some really funny positions in order to stay in the sun. Today however, he was content in the sun on the lap of his No. 2 master! (I'm No. 1!)

Michelle Leigh  – (January 14, 2008 at 8:46 AM)  

I have that puzzle, creepy huh? We'll hear a random "moo" or "oink" all the time. Glad to hear it's not just a ghost in my house!

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