I'm gonna need ear plugs.............

cause holy smokes, this one's a yeller!

Internet, The Meatball-formerly-known-as-Mr. Mean-also-known-as-David, doesn't cry. Instead, he YELLS. I really don't know what's worse. And because of it, I might have to start calling him Mr. Mean again instead of TM-FKA-MM-AKA-D.

I potentially see a head banger in my future. You know the ones, they get so frustrated they hit their head off of the wall or the floor? Yeah, I'm concerned I'm going to have one of them.

When he gets mad in his high chair, he starts rocking back and forth slamming his back against the back of the high chair. I definitely have to put the breaks on or he'd have it half way across the house! And he does the same thing when sitting on the floor, he starts rocking when he's mad. He was causing such a ruckus in the high chair yesterday morning, that Einstein thought all that noise was coming from Thomas Trouble. He yelled up to TT and TT yelled back 'It's not me, it's Daydid!" (Thank God it wasn't Nemo or then we'd really be in trouble!)

His bib says "Being Good Is Boring!" Oh how it couldn't be more fitting for this guy!

Mama loves ya, Mr. Mean! Even if you are yelling at me all the time!

Robyn  – (October 28, 2009 at 10:16 PM)  

oh no. It seems like if it isn't one thing it is another.

Mrs4444  – (October 31, 2009 at 11:39 PM)  

Maybe you should be glad that he can't talk yet! haha

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