It was Quick!

Internet, how is it that this year, we only hit half as many houses as last year?
And what kid tells his parents he's had enough trick-or-treating and actually refuses candy at one of the last houses?

Apparently the answer would be MY kid!

Yup, Thomas Trouble climbed into the wagon and declared trick-or-treating over!
I was a little bummed but on the other hand psyched that we didn't have to bring more candy into the house!

I wonder if it had to do with running through the isles of the grocery store and then doing laps around the living room, dining room and kitchen a half hour before going out? I wonder?

None the less, Halloween was successful. Mr. Mean did A LOT better once we got him out into the fresh air. He was a bit of a lunatic when we put his costume on him. I guess I don't blame him though. I mean who really wants to be a duck? He pulled it together though and happily sat in our green wagon and didn't make a peep, I mean, quack!Thomas Trouble made an awesome Buzz! And it totally made his night when kids would comment on his costume. He wouldn't say anything. He'd just stand there hitting his buttons so everyone could hear him. And holy smokes, his little silhouette in the moon's light..........those wings..........we might have to dress him up every night after dark and walk around the block because that was one sight this Mama could never get sick of!Oh, thought you should know............Nemo is not gone. He's randomly been popping up here and there. And last night, he was wearing skunk pajama's that Nana bought. TT said so!

Robyn  – (November 1, 2009 at 4:52 PM)  

We didn't make it as far this year as we did last year.
They both look adorable, though I don't think Mr Mean really wanted to be a duck:)

Denise  – (November 1, 2009 at 9:36 PM)  

Cute! Thomas is the best looking Buzz EVER! and the duck is just too sweet. Hope that you had a great halloween.

Huckdoll  – (November 2, 2009 at 12:34 AM)  

Lol! They look so sweet.

One of my girls - the one who took the 3 hour nap that day - got in the wagon and declared Halloween over as well! My other one cried - the one that didn't nap during the day - as we headed back home after extra houses for her - she never wanted it to end :)

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