Rainbows and Puppy Dogs........certainly not all the time!

Internet, Einstein mocked me last night. And it was because of my last little post here on MY little piece of the net.

Things were a little crazy last night in casa de Einstein and Murry. And it was during my so called "favorite time of the night." I'll admit, I was cranky, but you know what..........I didn't feel good and I am allowed to be cranky when I don't feel good! And our schedule was thrown off. WE DIDN'T DO TUBBY TIME LAST NIGHT. And when Einstein brings a baby to me holding him 2 feet away from his body saying ......."Murryyyyyyyyyy, your baby wants you!" And then sticks a horrendously stinky poop filled bum in my face, yeah, I can be a little cranky!

I refused to fold and I made him change that hot steamy mess! And then I reminded him that since HE cancelled tubby time, he might as well change him, lube him and put him in his pj's. So like a good little doobie, he changed his diaper and then told me he didn't know how to put his skin creams on him. Are you freakin kidding me? "I need you to show me how."

Move over Einstein. I'll do it! And with that he says "But oooooh, isn't this your favorite time of day?" Jerk.

So then I reminded him that under normal circumstances it is. But tonight it wasn't.

Yeah, hard to believe that not every day is all "rainbows and puppy dogs" in our house. In fact, my two most NOT favorite times of the day..........breakfast and supper. Yeah, I HATE those times. The whining and the tears...........OMG the whining goes RIGHT THROUGH ME! Why those two times? Simply stated: the food battles with a 3 year old.

And since Einstein hit a nerve, here goes.

One of my pet peeves..............
Can you guys see it? Look closely at Thomas Trouble's pajamas.
Einstein did this.
Some how, some way, he managed to open the pajama drawer (the pajama drawer where all tops are matched with all bottoms and stacked as such) and pulled out an Elmo top (that's way too small! Okay, I'll take the heat for having the wrong size in there. BUT I can guarantee that the bottoms were right underneath!) and Marvel Spider Man bottoms.

How does he do this?

kim-d  – (November 12, 2009 at 2:40 PM)  

Mare, I almost forget about Happenings Today, what with FB and all! I just read back to TT's birthday...and I just smile and smile at those pictures. I love Daydid's head...I just love it. That pic of him sitting up in the bed is priceless. And now that TT no longer wants a T in his name, I guess we'll just have to call him Teddy...since, you know, Teddy doesn't have a T. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Poor Meatball, if he's not barfing, he's puking. And, after it all, he needs lotions and potions. That can only be done by you (uh-huh...they don't call him Einstein for nothin'!). It's just not easy, bein' a Meatball.

I never would have noticed the jammie discrepancy if you wouldn't have mentioned it, because I was too busy thinking that little patch of belly sticking out is so darn cute! :)

Anonymous –   – (November 12, 2009 at 3:00 PM)  

I sometimes think my husband plays dumb just to get out of doing things. How hard is it to wash a kids hair or to put lotion on them?! Drives me up the wall! Matching outfits is another thing he is incapable of . . . I am seriously thinking about putting numbers inside the kids clothes so that all he has to do is match them.

Amy  – (November 12, 2009 at 3:51 PM)  

This just cracked me up. P.J. and I both read it, laughing!!! I say write a book - The Chronicles of Einstein!

Robyn  – (November 12, 2009 at 9:42 PM)  

After many an outfit gone bad after I would leave 2 outfits for him to chose from and he would chose one from both. I only leave one out now. It can be scary when I forget to leave one out. And the lotion, you would think with a girl whose back can look like ours does, one would be diligent with the lotion, yeah not so much.

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