The kiddie size

Internet, I had no idea that Dunkies made kiddie size coolatas! I found out yesterday and now I'm done!

I love ice coffee. I love it, like, a lot. And every time we go through the drive through Thomas Trouble begs for a "red drink" a.k.a. a strawberry coolata. Yesterday I surprised him when he asked by saying "sure." When I ordered, I found out that they do indeed have a kiddie size.

I don't know what I was thinking when I didn't order Mr. Mean one. Because after Thomas Trouble started slurping his, we got a a glimpse of the long lost meanness that use to spew from Mr. Mean.

Next time, he'll be getting his own!

When we did get home, Thomas Trouble was exhibiting some awesome big brother behavior by sharing his coolata with Mr. Mean. I think they enjoyed the treat!

I also think I've created some monsters!

Oh, and in case you've noticed in these pictures that my kids look like COMPLETE DIRTBALLS, you are right! They were. And you know what, it doesn't ruffle my feathers any more. Not one bit! Because to me, it's a great indication that they played hard and had some good old fashioned boy fun in the dirt! The dirtier, the better!

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