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Internet, this past Friday night we drove to Maine in rain. Like really, really heavy rain. By the time we got into Maine though, the rain had stopped. Everything was still really wet and you could see the steam coming off of the warm road.

I'm not sure what it was, perhaps it was the wet, steamy, warm road, but there were frogs EVERYWHERE! It kind of reminded me of the time driving to Binghamton, NY with my college volleyball team and there were deer everywhere. (That story deserves it's own post.....I stayed awake the entire 15 hour ride in fear that we were going to hit a deer because we had already hit a garbage can. No joke!) Very surreal! You couldn't really tell what they were until you saw them hopping. There was even one really big one that I'm sure I felt hit the car!

I kind of couldn't really watch any more after the big one!

I didn't dare tell Thomas Trouble what was going on though, because one of his favorite past times in Maine, is catching toads. Little baby toads. He's finally at the point where he will try to pick them up on his own, although he usually gets a little help from Nana.And then there's Mr. Mean who is pretty interested in seeing what's in the bucket although it usually doesn't end well for the toads once he gets his hands on the bucket!

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