So I melted a little......or a lot!

Last night I went out to dinner with a few friends. It was a nice night out and it was nice to get away from the usual nightly chaos that having two small boys brings.

When I got home, I went in and checked on the boys. I was secretly hoping that maybe Thomas Trouble was still awake. He can be a handful......for sure, but whenever he's in his bed, he loves to chit chat. Sometimes it's like someone slipped him some truth serum right before.

This is exactly how I found him.I leaned over, kissed his cheek and whispered "I love you." He opened his eyes, said "Mama" and draped his right arm around me and gave a squeeze and drifted right back to sleep.

It was the perfect ending to a good night.

It's little moments like this, that make everything right in my world. Everything isn't always rainbows and puppy dogs. The hustle and bustle of day to day life is stressing........not just for me but for everyone. But little gestures like this, they let me know that I'm at least doing right in one person's little world.

I love you Thomas Trouble. And don't ever forget it!

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