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Internet, I've once again caught the bug that I had about 10 years ago! My roommate in college got me into making quilts my freshman year. I learned and helped her make our matching duvet covers for our beds. Two years later when my sister had my nephew John, I made a quilt. And I made a handful of them after that. Then everything (fabric, tools, etc. etc.) got packed away into bins. Quite a few bins at that......and I hadn't touched any of it until this summer.

In July I started. I had seen the superhero capes online for the past two years and finally made them myself. You all got to see them in this post.

I really hadn't realized how much I missed making things until I made those capes!

Since then, it seems like I have been finding more and more stuff I want to make.

I've made a few bags.....bought the patterns and the selling license for them. And this weekend I made a Buzz Lightyear pillowcase for Thomas Trouble. As you can imagine, it was a huge hit! I've made a few other things as well.I can't shake it and I find myself constantly looking for new 'things' and patterns to make. I am a frequent flyer at the craft stores lately and I'm quite pleased with the new things and skills I've learned.

This here blog has been neglected though. Big time neglected. I have so much that I need to put up for memory's sake and for that stuff I will be back dating so that it falls properly into place! We had quite a few trips to Maine this Summer. We went to Story Land. We went to Salisbury. We played with cousins. And we had lots of silly times at home. Lot's that I don't ever want to forget! Not to mention the the boys are growing at warp speed! Friday night Einstein and I took them to get new sneakers. Thomas Trouble's feet have grown a whole size and a half this summer! No wonder why he's always complaining about his shoes......they don't fit! And Mr. Mean's vocabulary is growing faster than warp speed! I'm not kidding! My toddler is talking up a storm with new words each day. My favorite, which I have to try to catch on video, is the way he says 'yeah'. All of you that have seen him lately know exactly what I'm talking about.......I love it!

This summer was so different from last. I look back at last summer with memories of lots of sad tears and vomiting. Mr. Mean's first summer was not enjoyable. This summer though.......memories of this summer, they put a smile on my face and heart.

If I could freeze time, I would freeze it right now.
Right now is perfect :)

Anonymous –   – (September 7, 2010 at 11:51 PM)  

I have to second the fact that this has been a great summer (for reasons all my own, of course!) I am so glad you have created so many memories, and I have so enjoyed reading them. And I am loving seeing your news crafts! I am so glad you have rediscovered the joy that it brings you and look forward to seeing that Etsy store chock full of goodies!

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