The second one.

Internet, I try really hard not to compare my boys. I do.

But with the second one, everything happens so differently from the first one. And I know I'm not the first person to figure this out. It's part of the fun of watching your family grow.

I mean after all, the second one has the first one to learn everything from. And when you think maybe, just maybe, he's not watching.......OH BOY IS HE WATCHING!

The second one doesn't miss a thing.

Thomas Trouble has always had a stool since he was one. He got it from the Codners and it's always been in his room. He did figure out fairly quickly how to use it in his room to look out his bedroom window in Norwood. And he also learned pretty quickly how if you lean the wrong way, you can wipe out!

But he never really took his stool out of his room until after he was two. And of course now, he gets the bathroom stool all the time to look at stuff he can't reach.

And guess who else gets the bathroom stool to see stuff now, too?
Oh yes he does! And he moves it about the kitchen to be right in the thick of things!

This one.
This one will never be far behind!

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