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Internet, the other night we made a random mid week trip to Gramma's house. Einstein was away so we went up to have dinner with Grampa while Gramma was at work.

We were still there when Gramma got home and while I was sitting in the living room with her chatting, Thomas Trouble was looking at all of her "Gramma's Brag Books". You know, the little photo albums? He loves to look at the pictures of him, his brother, and all of his cousins when they were babies. He asks lots of questions and giggles......ridiculously giggles at the pictures!

On one of her end tables is a picture of 5 of the kids including Thomas Trouble. He is only about 3 months old in the picture. The kids are laying in a circle on the floor and TT and his buddy William are next to each other.

When TT looks at all of the pictures he usually asks "Gramma, is this me when I was little baby?". He does it for almost every picture.

He didn't do it for the picture on the end table though. Instead he said, "That's me! That's me because my hair has this little thing."

He was exactly right. His hair does have a "little thing." It's kind of like his own little trade know, how his hair has this little swirl and comes to a point in the front?

I told him he was correct that it was in fact him and that his little "thing" is unique and it is what makes him, him. I told him it was a special thing. He giggled and said "That's cool!"

And it's kind of funny because Einstein always wants me to cut it straight across the front when I give the boys hair cuts. And I never can bring myself to do it.

I like the swirl.
I like the point.
I like that it's "him".

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