Almost FOUR

Internet, I know I say it every year as one of their birthdays approaches. It just doesn't seem possible that another whole year has gone by and that my first baby will be FOUR!What does FOUR make him now? He's not a toddler. Does this make him a big kid? I don't feel ready enough to have a big kid yet.

I've been using FOUR with him a lot lately. You know, telling him that FOUR year olds don't cry over silly things. That FOUR year olds don't run around in just their underwear. And that FOUR year olds dress themselves. And so and and so on.

It kind of bit me in the butt last night.

Never in a million years did I think he would tell me, "Mom, can I take a shower tonight? I want to do it by myself."

I was kind of speechless for a moment. Thinking to myself "Can he do it? He's too little!"

He took that shower and he washed himself. Of course I started it and I stood right there. But he did it and he washed every single inch of himself! He was definitely exhibiting big kid behavior!

Yesterday we started going to the YMCA as a family. We signed both Thomas Trouble and Mr. Mean into the kid watch area. It was our first time leaving them with strangers. And it was the first time I've seen TT REALLY act like a big brother. Also, it was the first time I saw Mr. Mean look up to him as a big brother. I must say, I melted a little bit inside watching them walk away from me through the gate. Mr. Mean stayed oh so close to him. But he didn't cry. When we went back 40 minutes later to get them, TT told me that Davey just followed him around. He must have felt safe near his big brother.While watching another year go by is definitely bittersweet, I can't wait to see what FOUR brings! (Maybe, just maybe, FOUR will go by slower than THREE!)

Mama loves you guys! Don't ever forget it!

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