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Internet, I've enjoyed contributing to this little corner of the "net" and documenting my memories for over three years now. In light of things I've been reading lately, part of me wants to throw in the towel, but the rest of me needs it too much. It's kind of like Thomas Trouble and Mr. Mean's baby book of sorts. (Until I actually print my photos and put their real books together!)

So, I'm changing it up a little.

I'm no longer comfortable with allowing anyone out there to see our stuff.

I realize I may lose some of you in the process and for that, I'm sorry.

In a couple of days I will be making this blog private. If you'd like to keep reading, please email me at Please include your email address in the email so that I can add that to the list of allowed readers.

As I've always said, this place is a place for ME to keep our memories.

I've enjoyed sharing them with you.

Thanks for understanding!

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