Did you hear him this morning?

Internet, I put striped socks on THE MEAN ONE this morning and good Lord he lost it and I had to deal with a whole-lotta mean-ness! Seriously, he totally LOST IT.

Have I told you before how he doesn't like change?
How it took two weeks for him to finally wear a new pair of shoes?

Socks though? Come on!

Yes, about 99% of the time he wears plain white socks. Occasionally we squeeze a pair of navy blues in there.

Today I dressed the boys alike. Nothing fancy just jeans and navy blue turtlenecks. I opened Mr. Means sock drawer and in front of me were a pair of gray and navy striped socks. The same socks he wears in white almost every day.

Based on the reaction from these socks, you'd think they were fluorescent stripes with thorns on the insides! YES, the tantrum was that bad.

What did I do though?

I called for back up. "Einstein, get his shoes, QUICK!"

And we covered those bad boys up.

He got over it. Only after laying in my lap for a good 10 minutes.

He likes to prove his point.

*Note taken Mr. Mean........you do not like striped socks!

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