His Baby

Internet, the other day Mr. Mean woke up from a nap and I asked Thomas Trouble to go in and talk to him for a few minutes while I finished what I was doing. When I finally got in there, I was greeted with a crib full of "stuff". Apparently Thomas Trouble was keeping the Mean One busy by just handing him things from around his room.

One of the things that was in the crib was a doll. It's one of those dolls that has pockets, snaps, zippers, ties, etc. etc. I guess you could call it a learning doll or something. Mr. Mean got it for his first birthday but hasn't really shown much interest in it.

Until now.

This is how I found him the other night.And this morning after he woke up and got out of his crib he was demanding "my baby". And from that moment on, he walked around the house with his "baby".......hugging him, scolding him with "No Baby" and wiping his baby's nose with tissues.

Let's see how long this lasts!

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