My Four Year Old

Internet, there's nothing that gets to me more than to be complimented on my children. Just as I'm sure all of you do, I constantly hope I'm molding them and serving them well.

So yesterday, I'd like to think that I was told Thomas Trouble is "so cute" because of the way he was behaving and talking to me rather than how he looked. Mostly, because he looked like an absolute train wreck!

He was wearing running pants with a waffleknit crew neck long sleeve shirt that was WAY too big on him. He had just taken his hat off and had a very bad case of hat head. Not to mention that he was dirty because he had just come off the play ground!

But he was sitting there on a chair in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office and he was being good. He wasn't all over the place like he normally is. And he was using please and thank yous!

So when the woman sitting across from me said to me "he is SO cute", I really hope it was because he was being a good little boy. Because honestly, at that moment, he really was being a good little boy. And I really appreciated that compliment.

Maybe just maybe, I am serving them well!

kim-d  – (November 18, 2010 at 6:33 PM)  

No "maybe" about are MOST DEFINITELY serving them well. No doubt about it. I happen to think Thomas and David are two very fortunate little boys. Every child should have such good parents. And how could a person not be a good parent, if they had Thomas and David! :)

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