School Pics

Yes Internet, I still get candid pictures of my boys while they are at school.
And they still make me smile more than you know.

Today's pictures and little note was especially needed.

It was one of those chaotic mornings that led to rushing to drop off late. And prior to that, Thomas Trouble was being fresh and got in trouble.

And he carried on whimpering and whining all the way until I left them. Not to mention that he was practically in tears at the window waving bye.

Which is not like him AT ALL.

I did give him extra hugs and kisses and told him I wasn't mad any more. But he kept it up. And I pulled away feeling badly and thinking "hmmmm could he be getting sick?" Because of course whenever my kids aren't themselves, I wonder if they are getting sick.

But then I got an email and it said.......

"Just thought you would like to know Thomas was fine after you left and started playing. :)"

And it had pictures attached.

It was EXACTLY what I needed this morning. Thank You Paula!

And suddenly, all is right in my world again.

(I love that in the first picture the boys are in the same position. And I love that in the second picture Mr. Mean is turning a block into a phone. He turns everything into a phone!)

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