The Stink Bug

Internet, I wish I caught this morning's excitement on video because my words will do it no justice! The Mean One was a hoot!

Let me back up to share, yet again, another noticeable difference between No. 1 and No. 2. No. 1 (Thomas Trouble) does not like bugs! It took us about 3.5 years to get him to willingly hold worms. He freaks at the sight of them! (He may or may not get that from me. However I do put a brave face on for the sake of not wanting him to be a weenie!) No. 2 (Mr. Mean) tries to kill every bug in sight! He goes right for them. He's been found wailing away at my walls with golf clubs before because there was a spider on them.

No. 1 is afraid.
No. 2 is NOT afraid.

So back to this morning.......No. 1 and No. 2 were playing. I was secretly enjoying the moments of them playing together because there was no screaming but rather giggles. A wonderful early morning noise to my ears!

They were in No. 2's room when all of a sudden No. 1 blurts out "STINK BUG!!!!" and comes running out. Sure enough there was a stink bug on No. 2's wall. Internet, I don't do stink bugs. They're big! So I called for backup, aka, Einstein. He comes in with a paper towel and instead of killing it he catches it. No. 1 takes a look and then No. 2 wanted a look as well.

That's when things took a different direction.

Einstein bent down so No. 2 could look. After looking for a second, he WHACKS it with a stuffed animal and the bug falls to the floor. No. 1 is now jumping and freaking and No. 2 is now clearly on a mission to rid us of the stink bug!

The hysterical part in all of this.......the way that No. 2 stood behind No. 1 using him like a shield. He was cheering his little brother on for sure, but he was literally keeping an arms length distance.

No. 2 took a couple more whacks with the stuffed animal and eventually stomped on it with his foot. He was determined! No. 1 circles around him from behind cheering him on and ducking when he'd wind up.

When it was all said and done, No. 1 was quite proud of No. 2. We kept hearing him say this........"Davey, you were SO BRAVE!"

I really really wish I had this on video. Trust me when I tell you it was quite the sight!

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