The Arm Update

Internet, I apologize if I've left anyone hanging with regards to Mr. Mean's arm from this post.

The short story is that Mr. Mean does indeed have an arm deformity. It's called Radioulnar Synostosis. What does that mean? It means that some time when Mr. Mean was still in utero and his arm bones were forming, his two forearm bones never completely separated. His radius and his ulnar are fused at the proximal end near his elbow. It also means that his radial head is dislocated.

Mr. Mean will never have full movement of his forearm/wrist. His wrist is in a somewhat fixed position. The doctor does NOT encourage surgical treatment. He said in a patient like David where only one arm is affected, surgery is not the best solution. He says that studies don't show much gain for patients that have the bones separated and that surgery usually only causes more problems down the road.

So we are leaving his arm as is.

Yes, his arm is different. Yes, it's somewhat visible. Mostly only to the people that know about it. The good thing is that David doesn't know the difference. He was born like this so his brain has already made adjustments. He's adapted. And we're told that he should continue to adapt. We will go back for a check up during November 2011 and we will go from there. Right now we are to watch for muscle growth and development. If we think he is lacking in that arm, then we will most likely put him into physical therapy. I'm hoping to get him into therapy this coming March.

Mr. Mean is unique. And I've kind of already known that from the start! He's been my firecracker since the get go so why stop now.

I'm not thrilled that he has this. I am however relieved. The initial diagnosis that we got prior to visiting the specialist at Children's was not a good one. That diagnosis carried a big can of worms, and not good worms. We are relieved that this is an isolated occurrence. He is otherwise 100% healthy and for that, we are extremely grateful.

We might not have a baseball player on our hands, but we have a feeling we have one hell of a soccer player in the making! Have you seen him kick a ball? He's got something there, for sure!

Robyn  – (December 30, 2010 at 5:19 PM)  

Good to hear it isn't too bad. He is unique that is for sure!

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