December 19th was the Church Christmas Pageant.

Thomas Trouble had been gearing up for it all month. He was going to be a goat.

At the first and only practice he needed to be at, he freaked. It took close to 45 minutes to peel him away from me so that he could preform.

He eventually let go and walked with the kids.

Right before it was time to go, he was allowed to pick an animal costume of his choice. And while I think the costume was that of a cow, he WAS a goat.He showed everyone who came to our house the week leading up to the pageant. He even tried it on.

But on the morning of the pageant he wanted no part of it at all. He was a disaster in church and I thought for sure my little cowgoat wouldn't be able to carry through with it.

Then he napped. Which is fairly rare. And he woke up like a new person.

And Internet, he ROCKED it!He was the cutest cowgoat I've ever laid my eyes on!

And it must be noted that while Thomas Trouble was busy being a cowgoat on stage, Mr. Mean was in the audience yelling "Where's my Tommy?" nearly the entire time!

Little does he know that next year he'll be up there too!

Anonymous –   – (January 6, 2011 at 5:25 PM)  

I would have to agree - he is hands down the cutest cowgoat ever! Yeah for him warming up and enjoying his part in the pagent - I can't wait to see Mr. Mean in costume next year!

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