Internet, this far, was the most magical Christmas I can remember in a long time!

Four is a great age for the Christmas Crazy!

From doing the Elf on the Shelf, to visiting Santa, to going to see Christmas lights.......Thomas Trouble (and Mr. Mean too) enjoyed it all.

The best part for me, were the reactions I got from Thomas Trouble on Christmas morning.

Of course he always wants everything he sees, but for the entire month of December two things remained constant when people would ask Thomas Trouble what he wanted from Santa........the Lego Toy Story Train Set and a Toy Story bedroom (sheet set).

Santa came through and got him a few other things too. But his reactions to those two things alone, were the best gifts for me this year!They were both quite surprised when they found a piece of Santa's ripped suit stuck in the fireplace. Thomas Trouble was SPEECHLESS for that and Mr. Mean grabbed it and ran it over to us. I need to come up with something super clever for next year!After opening our presents at home, we spent a nice relaxing day at Nana and Pop's house.Playing the piano at their house is a must do!

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