Giving it ANOTHER whirl

Internet, I made this resolution last year, and failed miserably.

I am not a quitter though.

You might have already noticed over there on the top right that it says "every day in photos" with a date underneath it.

That my friends, is my new (giving it another whirl) resolution.

I am putting it on a different blog to make it easier for myself because I have a goal. And that goal is to fill that blog up as much as I can with pictures and just a few words of the year 2011. At the end I would like to put it in a book.

I feel confident that it is January 25th and I have only missed a few days. I use 3 different means of taking iphone, which I'm trying NOT to use because the quality is bad, my point and shoot which I'm also trying to phase out and my mackdaddy DSLR. This project will hopefully help me sharpen my photo skills which I started pursuing in 2007 and didn't keep up with after the addition of Mr. Mean. (Nope, not blaming the screaming baby of 2009 one bit! wink wink) Since I am using three different instruments, it takes a lot of time to update.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I already do!

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