Maybe he's onto me?

The scene: Thomas Trouble's room
When: Tuesday night, bedtime
Who was there: Me, Thomas Trouble, Woody, Buzz, and Big Boy

Tucking Thomas Trouble into bed he says to me........

"Mom, will you tell me a story from your mouth?"

Ha! Internet, I nearly burst out laughing in his face! Is he onto me that I usually talk out of my ass to him and make stuff up as I go along?

I kid.

In his defense, he wanted me to TELL him a story. A made up story opposed to one from a book.

He loves this stuff. In fact, the story that I started Tuesday night and called "Toy Story 4" has made for 3 easy nights of going to bed for him. He loves drama. Add he loves cliff hangers.

I kind of forgot where I was in the story though. But I have no doubt that he'll be able to tell me EXACTLY where I left off.

Talking out of my mouth indeed! *wink wink*

Anonymous –   – (January 7, 2011 at 8:48 PM)  

Just when I think that kid can't get any cuter, he busts out things like that! I love that part of 4 when they are your biggest fan!

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