Mr. Mean aka Sybil

Dearest David,

Oh how you can change in a mere 24 hours!

Yesterday was a delightful day with you. You got to sleep in until almost 8:00am. You woke up with a silly smile that delcared "I'm up and it's going to be a good day!" And oh how it was! You were playful and loveable giving hugs to all of us, including Norman. You even kept your mittens on and didn't complain in the snow. And when it was bed time, you hunkered right down.

Fast forward to this morning.

Good Lord, Holy Moly, I did't know the sight of an orange hooded sweatshirt could so easily set you off.....causing your mood to snowball from there on.

You were barely awake when I was gathering your clothes from your dresser and at the sight of your new sweatshirt, you lost it! Why? Do you not like the feeling of fleece? Mama needs to know these things Buddy! I need to figure out what sets you off :( Just know that I don't purposely do these things to annoy you.

Your vocabulary is growing every day........I just need a few more words from you so you can more easily communicate your likes and dislikes to me.

The raging tantrums aren't cool.

Mama loves you no matter what Davey Baby, but I just really hate starting my mornings off like this.

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