That Einstein.......he's a gooda!

Internet, this Winter feels long.
And I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.

I made it through the holidays feeling pretty good. I didn't over eat like I usually do. And I didn't have loads of extra goodies left over either.

But then the end of January hit and I started to feel the slump.

I'm not at the heaviest weight I've ever been but I am most certainly THE SQUISHIEST I've ever been.

This is a hard thing to deal with for me. While I'm no spring chicken any more, I did use to classify myself as an athlete. I had muscles. I had hard abs. I played many sports growing up and by high school, volleyball was my number one sport playing it practically year round. I even played through my sophomore year of college but then a back injury was making it hard to continue that kind of pounding. And I quit. It's kind of funny though.......this was all prior to ever knowing Einstein. So to him, I've never been an athlete. (I did show him my scrapbook recently to prove I was!)

While that was a long time ago, I've been able to pull it together and kind of keep up.

Not any more though. And I've been lacking any and all motivation.

But Einstein's been good. In fact I've kind of been joking and calling him Mr. YMCA lately much to his dislike. We've got a family membership to the Y and he's determined to use up any and all benefit it has to offer!

This past Tuesday night, in his quest to get me motivated, he pushed me to attend one of the group exercise classes. Knowing how much of a big-fat-socially-retarded-weenie I am, he even agreed to do it with me.

You guys, he went to Yoga with Weights with me!

He was one of only 3 guys in a room FULL of women.

He broke the "silence" for me.
He was my crutch.
He made me feel the "muscle burn" I've been missing.

And most importantly, he made me find my motivation again.

Thank You Einstein.
While things like that and social situations are very easy for you, having you go with me was a big deal to me.

It's on!

jenny  – (February 18, 2011 at 12:48 PM)  

he's not only a gooda - he's a greata! :)

so happy that he pumped you up and supported you - what a boost to the motivation for sure! keep it up girl!

Robyn  – (February 19, 2011 at 6:24 PM)  

yay for Einstien and you. I liked the "totally toned" that my y does, but not so much some of the ladies in the class.

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