We were due.....

Internet, this Winter has been good to us. Compared to last year, that is, when every other week it was something.

We've managed to avoid all the illnesses that have been going around minus your average cold. The kids have both had those but they have lead to no where.

I've been knocking on wood and saying my prayers that while we've been healthy, we would either stay this way or get it over with before our trip to Disney that is coming up this month.

Wednesday we got hit.Mr. Mean got it first. He was so pathetic and I felt bad so bad for him. You know he's sick when he won't let me put him down and easily falls alseep in my arms. HE NEVER DOES THAT! I think I had some sort of version of it too. I never actually got the pukes but I did have a fever, chills and stomach pains that were oh.so.painful!

The Mean One and I spent Thursday hunkered down on the couch. He slept almost the entire day waking only to have a popsicle. Then he'd go right back down. Around 2pm he let me put him in his crib and I woke him up shortly before 5:00pm. He POPPED out of his crib with a great big smile on his face. When I asked him if he felt better he gave me the biggest up and down head nod saying "Nup".I then bathed him and he was AS GOOD AS NEW.

Praying that Einstein and Thomas Trouble are either spared or get it over with and out of the way quick!

The "place where dreams come true" doesn't have time for the sickies!

Anonymous –   – (March 6, 2011 at 2:18 PM)  

The progression in those photos cracks me up! I love how they can go from looking so sad and pathetic to looking brand new when they get better! I am so glad whatever he had passed quickly and hope that everyone stays well! And I am so excited for you guys to go to Disney and can't wait to hear stories and see pictures!

Kim  – (March 6, 2011 at 9:07 PM)  

I haven't stopped by to read your blog or anyones for that matter so I thought I would today. Sorry to hear about the sicky. We've been lucky knock on wood.

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