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Internet, after dinner nearly every night, we watch an episode of "How's it Made?". Lately Thomas Trouble has really been into it. In fact last night, he was in a deep trance so fixed on it, although I forget what the episode was about.

Tuesday night, however, the first part of this episode was about honey. This was kind of a sore subject since this past weekend Thomas got stung for the first time by a wasp. He was hysterical at the time of the stinging and kept asking "why did he sting me?" I think he couldn't understand WHY because he didn't feel he did anything to provoke it.

Any who, towards the end of the honey segment on "How's it Made?" Thomas abruptly declared "I'm not eating honey!" We had a chuckle about it figuring that even though it wasn't a bee that stung him, it was close enough and he's staying away from them for good!

Also over the weekend, we took the boys blueberry picking for the first time. More on that later. We ended up with nearly 7 lbs of blueberries! Yesterday Einstein was washing some to pack for work when he noticed a rather large bug among them. Note, that we just got Thomas eating blueberries again.

Einstein says to me, "Can you imagine if that bug had ended up in Thomas lunch? He'd never eat any fruit again!"

KimBerly  – (July 28, 2011 at 8:30 PM)  

I've never hear of that show.

That is so cute and sad that he was like, why did it sting me?? They don't understand. I love their innocents.

Robyn  – (July 28, 2011 at 10:12 PM)  

So relate to the stinging. M got stung in the spring and has been crazy anytime something flies by her. I finally got her ok with bumble bees. My luck one of those will sting her.

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