Internet, if you go back through the archives of this blog, you'll quickly catch on that Thomas Trouble has some sleeping issues. Ever since he was little, he's never really liked his bed. I have pictures of him around a year old, asleep standing up. He has always fought bed time no matter what we do.

What keeps him awake?


Fear of what? I don't exactly know. I know that he does not like to be in his room alone. If someone lays with him or lays in his extra bed, he's okay and he can soothe himself back to sleep through out the night. But left in his room alone, he still wakes up every night.

The Mean a super sleeper. He likes shades down, lights off and the door closed and welcomes his snuggle bed when he's tired. He is the complete opposite of Thomas Trouble when it comes to sleeping, and, well, just about everything else I guess too!

One thing that has given us a bit of sleeping relief this week is camping.

No we didn't actually go camping.

Thomas did.

In our living room.That's right folks.....Thomas Trouble has been camping out in our living room. Complete with a tent, sleeping mat and pillow. Flash light, books, clothes, name it!

But guess what?

He's stayed asleep every night with no wake ups!In our house, we'll take sleep any way we can get it :)

Robyn  – (July 21, 2011 at 8:55 PM)  

Amen to that. Miss M will not sleep in her bed here at least. I'll get her in there and inevitably she is crawling in to take over my entire bed.

KimBerly  – (July 21, 2011 at 9:02 PM)  

Hey what ever works for you is great! Have you ever thought about getting one of those tents that goes over there bed? That might work for him since he likes the tent.

Anonymous –   – (July 23, 2011 at 9:51 PM)  

Don't you love when they are total stinkers about things like that for YEARS and then you make one change and BAM! Does this mean the tent is a permanent fixture in your living room?!

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