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Internet, you might remember last year we got Thomas Trouble a fish tank. We had a few ups and downs at the beginning with a few deaths but then things went pretty well.

Well fast forward to a few months ago and all but one fish died. We're not the best "fish people" yet some how this lone fish has lasted.

This past weekend Einstein and I were without TT and the Mean One. Einstein had a bag full of fish tank stuff in his trunk (that has been in there for months) that we needed to replace. So like every other couple that finds themselves childless with nothing to do.........we went to the pet store! (Doh! We really are losers!) I know right, you're probably thinking "they couldn't find anything better to do?"

Any who, we replaced all the essentials that needed replacing and we decided that the lone fish needed some friends. We bought two mickey mouse fish and a sucker fish.

On the ride home I said to Einstein, "You know that the second Thomas Trouble knows these are called Mickey Mouse fish AND he finds out there's a girl and a boy fish, that he's going to name them Minnie and Mickey? Right" We had a little chuckle over it.

Sunday night before going to bed TT and I are checking out the tank. He asks me which is the girl and which is the boy. Then I asked him if he's thought of any names yet.

"The boy is Mickey. The girl is Minnie. The sucker fish is Donald Duck. And that one is goofy. This is their club house."

He couldn't be any more predictable!

Anonymous –   – (July 23, 2011 at 9:54 PM)  

He is so awesome! My kids want to name everything that comes into our house "Morgan" and "Maddie" - the names of the girls next door! I am glad the new kitten came with a name so there were no fights over which girl she was going to be named after!

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