A fish called.............

David George Genereux!

(He says his whole name now if you ask him and for whatever reason I always find it funny when kids learn their names!)

But seriously Internet, he turned into a fish in a matter of hours yesterday!

And these two piddly pictures don't do him any justice.

This boy can hang with the best of them now and there's no stoppin' him. He's got his swim on fo sho!

Everything about him was moving.......arms, legs, and mouth! To say he was proud of his new found accomplishment would be an understatement. I think everyone at the pool heard him say, at least 100 times, "I swimmin'!"

He was climbing in and out both on the steps and up the ladder. He was jumping and going under then popping right back up. He was even putting his face in the water and "swimming under water".

I probably shouldn't be that surprised considering he has shown so much progress in just his kiddie pool........but he was a sight to be seen!

And I can't not mention my bigger fish, Thomas Trouble. He got to swim with just a bubble yesterday and was very proud of that! He was able to dive for torpedos on the stairs and loved diving in the deep end with Uncle John!

I can not wait for swimming lessons!

Anonymous –   – (August 3, 2011 at 10:58 PM)  

One more way he and his future-wife are just alike! B.riar is taking YEARS off of my life in the pool thanks to her antics . . . jumping in, going under, floating - you name it, she'll try it! We went to the HUGE water park earlier this summer and she was out of control (in the most fun way possible!) And go, Thomas! M.aren is his swimming twin - she has very little fear as well, and loves going under and opening her eyes to guess how many fingers I am holding up.

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