Point Taken!

Internet, there's nothing like common sense from your 4.75 year old to toally put you in your place.

His innocence gets me every time.

Yesterday was not a good day at daycare pick up. The two of them were going in two different directions, being loud, climbing on me and just all around making it difficult to put sneakers on, gather their belongings and check them out. By the time we made it home I was angry at their antics.

I punished them for a little while making them play in their rooms. They could play together but there was no TV and no playing in the living room.

One thing you may or may not know is that Thomas Trouble is pretty much the opposite of trouble. And one thing that REALLY gets him upset is to get in trouble. It weighs on his conscience something fierce. And when he does get in trouble, like yesterday, he'll repeatedly check in to find out if I'm still mad.

He got me yesterday though. He came into the kitchen while I was making dinner and we had a little talk about his behavoir. I reminded him that he's almost 5. And that 5 year olds go to kindergarten (even though we have another shcool year before THAT) and that 5 year olds don't climb on their mom's like that.

You guys, he stopped what he was doing, looked up at me and very seriously said....

"Well I don't know how to be 5. I have to learn."

At that moment he wasn't being fresh. He was being totally legit.

And it made me realize that I need to slow down. He's totally right. He DOESN'T know what 5 is. He's still 4 for 3 more months. And I need to back off.

And since we're on the topic of growing up, take a look at this picture.....

It's a picture of an almost completely closed door of a room that's dark. No biggie, right?


You guys this is HUGE.

This is Thomas Trouble's room. You know, the kid who has been a NIGHTMARE sleeper since he was 1. Well he doesn't keep lights on any more and he tells me to pull the door over.

Proof, yet again, that everything happens on his own time.

Robyn  – (August 16, 2011 at 9:51 PM)  

That is great with the sleeping, someday I will be there.

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