Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree.........

Internet, I have been collecting Christmas ornaments long before I ever knew I was collecting them. My mother started that tradition for me when I was little. When I was old enough and had enough of my own, I stored them in my own containers in my bedroom. I eagerly awaited the day I would get to put them on my own Christmas Tree.

Little did I know that Einstein had his own collection too. Ornaments from all the way back to 1977. Special handmade ones and ones that marked various points in his life.

Combining the two, we've already got 34 years of memories on our tree. Each of us have ornaments that represent times in our lives that we never knew of each volleyball ornament for instance. Volleyball was a huge part of my life but he wasn't there for that. Einstein's sail boat ornament and his scuba diver......memories of his that I don't know about.

Yet combine them both and if by chance something happened to these ornaments, I'd be devastated!

Our tree is the biggest memory saver of our lives together. Picture ornaments of nearly every year we've been together, the places we've traveled, ornaments that represent Thomas Trouble and Mr. Mean. Our life is on that tree.

I never put it all together like this until decorating our tree this year. This is the first year I let Thomas have free reign of the tree. You guys, he gets how special it is! He wanted to know about every ornament. Where they were from. Which one belonged to who. His excitement while decorating was so fun to watch!

And isn't that what it's supposed to be about?

Since our tree is a representation of the life we've built, well then it's no surprise that it's a pretty darn awesome tree!

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