Heaven help me......

Internet, I'll start with the good first.

Mr. Mean gives THE BEST hugs and kisses! He puckers up and smacks them on. They are what I wake up to and what I say good night to. For that, I am very blessed.

But behind those kisses is one ball of fury!

From dawn til dusk he is operating at 110% of pure "terribly two" adrenaline. I'm pretty sure if I was home with him all day long I'd be waving my white flag.

The comforting part is that for everyone other than Einstein and I, he behaves pretty well. I get the occasional report at daycare that he's had a rough day but for the most part, when compared with others his age, he does well.

But the second he sees me coming for him in the afternoon it's like he says to himself......."There's Mama! I'm gonna play her like a fiddle!" It starts from the moment he sets eyes on me until the moment he kisses me goodnight.

For instance, Tuesday I picked him up and he played one hell of a game of "catch me if you can" and "look at me I'm standing on the table." Followed with "I'm going to hide under the third row of the van and see how crazy I can make you!" And that my friends is only about a 15 minute snippet of the shenanigans he played. Poor Thomas Trouble sat silently horrified of the rage that was his mother!

You guys he has no fear. He's numb to everything I say and everything I threaten despite understanding everything. I fear age three with him. I do.

And I'm secretly hoping that this horrific behavior of late is due to 1. Christmas 2. He's moving up to the preschool class on Monday and he knows it. 3. He knows that pretty soon diapers will not exist for him.

For now though, I'll be glad that he goes to bed easily, sleeps through the night, puckers up and holds on tight when giving me hugs.

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