You guys, secretly, I'm a bit of a hoarder. You might not know because it's not visible hoarding, it's more like tucked away-hidden-hoarding. If that makes any sense?

And sadly, I think Thomas Trouble has kind of inherited this from me.

So I've made it my mission to get rid of "stuff".

I started with his room. I have to strategically plan how I do this. Since he has the hoard-ish tendencies too, I must be stealthy and I must do it so he doesn't know I do it, like when he isn't home.

Have you guys ever piled up 5 years worth of McDonald's toys? Yeah, don't do it. You'll want to vomit.

I filled THREE trash bags from basically just his bedroom alone. I got rid of broken stuff, five years worth of McDonald's toys, odds and ends and this.........You guys, it was hard to part with the stuff in the above picture. THAT is a prime example of my secret-hidden-hoarding. It was all crammed into an overflowing bin high up in his closet.

Over 3 years worth of projects from school.

It was something that I've been trying to do for a while but just couldn't bring myself to actually do it. But I did and while his room feels better, I don't. I went through each and every paper and I did save some of it. I saved the stuff that had his picture on it, had hand or foot prints, had words that came from his mouth, and a few things that he adored such as hats.

It was hard you guys.

And so far I haven't been busted for anything I pitched. In fact, when he saw his room his reaction was a really enthusiastic "Thank you Mama for doing this! This was a lot of work!"

You have no idea Thomas Trouble. No idea.

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