Somebody pinch him!

You guys, Mr. Mean did great yesterday. However I don't think he's convinced he's really in the preschool class.

When I arrived to pick them up yesterday afternoon, he quickly said "Mama, I show you sumthin." and he walked me over to the closet that holds all their nap pads. "My bed's in there" he said. Then he very animatedly said "I stay up here ALL day!"

This morning, when I went in to get him from his bed he told me "Mama, I goin upstairs." I confirmed his statement and tried to reassure him that yes, it was his classroom now too.

You guys, I heard it two more times before I left the house.

And Einstein heard in a few more times after that.

The best part though, is that when he tells you "I goin upstairs", he's got this huge smile that goes from ear to ear:)

KimBerly  – (December 14, 2011 at 8:52 PM)  

He's growing up so fast. What a cutie. I hate how fast they grow up but it's fun to see how much they learn.

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