He went Hysterical. So did we.

Internet, it started out innocent enough.
The boys wanted to paint so I let them paint.
We only had two colors though, red and yellow.

All was well until Mr. Mean had red paint all over his hands and wanted them cleaned immediately.

What did Thomas say about the paint that made David go absolutely hysterical?

He said "David, it looks like blood!" laugh laugh laugh

Insert blood curdling screams and a trembling almost three year old.

I cleaned his hands immediately and then Einstein smudged some on David's chest to show him that it was just paint.

Complete hysteria again.

He was screaming and we couldn't stop laughing.

Add this to the list of things he'll need therapy for later.

Note to self: Don't ever let David see his real blood!

Denise  – (February 25, 2012 at 5:16 PM)  

oh boy! poor little guy. but kinda funny

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