Recent Questions.....

Internet, ever since we broke the news of Baby G3 to the boys, Thomas has asked questions daily.

A few recent ones........

"Mom, when the baby comes out, will we have sneakers for it?"

While putting Thomas to bed he asked "Mom, is the baby getting ready for bed too? What does it do to get ready?"

"Mom, why does the baby get to go to work with you every day?"

"Mom, when the baby gets out, will you leave the baby with us when you go to work?"

"Mom, how do we give the baby a bath?"

"Mom, when will the baby start kicking me?"

"Mom, when the baby gets out, will it be cold?"

"Mom, what's the baby doing right now?"

Kara Steere  – (February 8, 2012 at 8:28 PM)  

Those are sooo cute! Love the sneakers!

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