A bull in a China Shop

Internet, that's exactly what Mr. Mean was today.....possibly worse.

I kid you not, he was beyond disastrous at his 3 year check up today!

So much so that this happened after.....He NEVER falls asleep on the couch. EVER!

I knew it wasn't good when he instantly lost it over taking his coat and sneakers off to get on the scale. Forget it. It wasn't happening.

"Okay, we'll try it at the end." said the nice nurse.

"Strip him down to just a diaper and the doctor will be in shortly."

Okay, so he lost it over taking his sneakers and coat off and now you want it all off? She must be smokin' crack!

Off came his socks and a whole new beast was on the loose!

Socks swiftly went back on but pants came off.


He was instantly elevated to rage in a cage status! I honestly thought I was going to be reported for something from the screams that were coming out of him simply because he lost his pants.

The doctor finally came in and said "Do you think he'll do better with his pants on? Go ahead and put them back on him."

I knew he was already too far gone at this point and pants or pants less wasn't going to make a difference. I put them on any way and of course then he cried for his coat.

It was an hour of pure torture followed with 2 shots, one in each arm, and a finger prick for blood.

He screamed all the way out the door, to the car, and for 10 more minutes after that.

No, he never got on the scale.

And next time, Daddy's taking him!

jenny  – (March 20, 2012 at 12:08 PM)  

i fricken hate the doctor visits. every sin i have ever committed has been paid for inside the doctors office. i swear to god!

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