He's still with us

You guys, I completely melt when I see Buzz make an appearance at our house.

And it's kind of funny because just when I think he might be gone, he has a funny way of showing up.

And I love it.

Buzz has been a special part of our household for 3 years now. And while dinosaurs and super heroes are awesome, Buzz takes the cake in my heart.

This costume is starting to show it's age though.

It was first worn for Halloween THREE years ago! The pants part are finally snug and don't quite hit his ankles any more.

Yesterday afternoon the TV was off and Thomas and David jumped around the living room acting out scenes from Toy Story......Thomas as Buzz and David as Rex and Norman as Slinky Dog.

He was in costume for a good 2 hours even sitting at the dinner table with wings on.

I'm secretly hoping that with the addition of another little boy in our house, Buzz will be around for a few more years.

You've got a friend in me, Buzz.

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