This is how we roll

OMG you guys, I was dying inside walking down the street with these two.

And to make matters worse, Thomas got ahead of me......way ahead of me and stopped at a neighbors house. Neighbors we really don't know.

Their middle child was tossing the football with another neighborhood boy in their frnot yard.

Thomas got off his bike, took off his helmet and put on his Puss in Boots hat and STOOD THERE watching them.

I was dying for him.

I finally caught up with Mr. Mean on his tryke and desperately pleaded with Thomas to get back on the bike so we could head home.

Nope. He was determined to get in their yard.

Out came the neighbor boy's older sister who we do know. She was so friendly to Thomas saying "Your costume looks really great." to which Thomas replied "I'm a character from Shrek."

Of course she guessed correctly and he says "you knew it from my boots, huh?"

You guys, I died a little bit more for him.

He got what he wanted though because two seconds later she led him to the backyard and I was left following them with Mr. Mean.

Then I had to make small talk with their dad while my kid looked absolutely RIDICULOUS swinging from their swingset dressed as Puss in Boots.

The entire walk back to our house I reminded myself that ultimately.....

I will miss his imagination some day.

jenny  – (March 20, 2012 at 12:03 PM)  

oooomgah. i love this. everything about it. love how little minds operate. :)

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