Well Internet, I decommissioned the crib on Saturday. It's officially out of order until Baby G3 arrives.

In an attempt to make the transition a little lucrative for David, I let him, and Thomas too, pick out their own sheets. We went to the store Saturday morning and David picked Spiderman and Thomas picked Scooby-Doo.

Four hours later we had clean and freshly made bunk beds.

David was LOVING his new bed. He climbed on and off a bazillion times putting his head on his new pillow and feeling his new blanket. He even put a few stuffed animals up there.

In my mind I was thinking "SCORE"! this is easy.

Until it was bed time.

Thomas was itching to go to bed because it was his first night on the top bunk and he's basically been waiting over a year to get up there.

David though, he all of a sudden didn't want anything to do with the bed.

"I'm don't want those covers!" he said.

My response was "That's fine but don't you dare get off this bed!"

I said my "I love yous" and I left closing the door behind me and I feared the worst.

But the worst never really happened.

It was quiet for almost an hour before Einstein went in to assess the situation.

I thought for sure he would have had the bed torn apart and he'd be in there dinking around.

Instead though, Einstein came back out laughing and said "go in there and see if you can find him."True to David fashion, he had put himself to sleep by covering his head.

Einstein repositioned him the correct way and we never heard another peep out of him.

Total success!

jenny  – (March 6, 2012 at 4:49 PM)  

omg! how awesome! tucker really wants bunk beds right now too, but i know that levi isn't quite ready for his own bed. how old is david again? i have brain damage and can't remember! like almost 3? either way - i'm pumped this is going so well! yey!

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