Easter Crafts

So Internet, in an attempt to fill the crafting void in my life, Saturday I decided to try a few Easter ideas I found on pinterest.

I started with Tie-dyed Eggs using this website here. I will definitely be doing this again next year! It was easy and a pretty neat concept......the silk ties bleed onto the eggs. It even got me into our local goodwill store to purchase 6 silk ties.
The next project I did were these birds nests made from chow mein noodles using this website. They were a hit with the kids and looked good!
And lastly, in attempt at a quick and easy breakfast on Easter morning, I went for the bunny cinnamon rolls found here. Mine looked a little freaky and only David seemed amused.
We also did traditional egg dying and considering no containers of dye were spilled, it was a success!

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