Growing baby no. 3......

You guys, Baby No. 3 is whooping my ass!

I'm sick and tired of listening to myself already and I have 3+ months to go.

Thomas asked yesterday "Mama, can we PLEASE go to the library today?"
My response, "Not today Thomas. Mama's too tired." (She's also afraid of the lady behind the desk and owes money for an overdue book!)

Don't worry, we made a library date for later this week.

But I can't tell you how many times I tell them in a week that "Mama is tired." So much so that I'm annoying myself.

I also have a hard time grocery shopping both with, and without a list. I'm either forgetting the essentials that are ON the list, right in front of me OR I'm buying multiples of STUFF WE ALREADY HAVE! During yesterdays grocery shopping adventure David got loose on me and bolted out the front door of the store. I nearly pinned him to the ground to get him. I'm sure it was a sight for sore eyes!

Speaking of sights for sore face is one. I got an upclose of it today and wanted to take a sharpie to it. A sharpied face would be much better than the EXTREMELY dry crumbling, swollen skin I'm sporting! It's not zitty or pimply, its dry, irritated, cracked, crumbling and peeling! How's that for a visual?

Also a sight for sore eyes...........this:Yes indeed my big belly is already catching crumbs!

By 7pm every night I feel like I have been beat up! Literally like someone has taken a baseball bat to my lower back and legs!

It's all good though.

Because I've got my eye on the prize........

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