Internet, for about two years now I've been singing "You are my sunshine" to David.

He mostly use to giggle at me and cover my mouth when I would start to sing and then it would turn in to a game. I would stand and rock him before putting him in his crib.

Now when I sing it, he listens and usually says "again."

He surprised me tonight though.

I brought Thomas downstairs to use the bathroom and when we got back up to their room, David was sitting in the corner of his bed.

Thomas climbed up to his bed.

I sat with David to tuck him in and with a BIG cheesy grin he sang "You are my sunshine" and giggled.

And I just about melted.

Indeed this smile is a slice of sunshine.

Denise  – (April 15, 2012 at 8:09 PM)  

I love that song too! both of my girls were premies and spend weeks in NICU..and everytime i would visit i would sing that song to them:)

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