Pajama Party

Sunday afternoon Thomas asked if we could have a "pajama party" that night.

And since we love any excuse for a "party" I obliged.

I had to go to the grocery store any way, so I added ice cream to the grocery list.  I figured they would be a huge pajama party hit...........and they were!

I even got a back of large plastic cups and straws letting David pick out which color.

Thomas drew a sign on chalkboard to "remind" everyone of the party that night.

The rules were simple:  No pajamas..........No entry.

The party was simple and only 20 minutes long.  In fact, the build up was more exciting.  Isn't that what it's all about though?  Simply knowing that they had to "get ready" and that they were going to get to drink their frappes downstairs in the family room was all they needed for excitement.

And for two days now Thomas has already been making references to our next party.
I took one picture of them..........
And all I see when I look at it is how long and lean David's legs are getting.  He is shedding all things baby (except for his diaper!)  I can't even imagine how big he's going to look next to Baby G3!

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