Internet, lately David has been full of "lines".  I have no idea where he gets them from but he drops them out there with perfect timing.

He's kind of obsessed with eating things that make his tongue change colors and then asking you a gazillion times "Mama, wook at my tongue.  What color is it?"

Popsicles, lollipops, etc. etc.

Recently we were out for ice cream and he got the cotton candy flavor........a gross mix of pink and blue ice cream that both boys adore.

Of course he asked about his tongue and when I told him it was blue he responded with......

"You know it!" 

Right on cue. 

Yesterday the boys were enjoying popsicles.  Thomas eating an orange one and David having a purple one.

I overheard David say to Thomas, "Thomas, what color's my tongue?"

When Thomas responded with "purple" David said "You betcha!"

It make me laugh when I hear these little zingers because neither Einstein or I talk with witty little lines like this yet this guy is full of them!

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