Almost growed up......

Internet, potty training David has been a lot different than potty training Thomas.

It boils down to this, David has had NO interest whatsoever.  None.  Sure he likes picking out and buying new underwear but that's where it stops.

We've dedicated a few weekends in the past 2 months to try to kick this cold turkey but after hours of accidents and David not minding being in wet shorts, we've thrown the towel in and given up.

Until he's ready that is.

One thing that did happen recently is that he had an accident in his swimmy diaper at swimming lessons.  I'll spare the details but it was HORRENDOUS.

Every week after that, I told him "No peeing or pooing in the pool!"

He got my message and after exiting the pool after each class he would stand there and proudly let whoever was in an earshot know that "I didn't do pee in the pool Mama!"

Yesterday he reassured his babysitter that he didn't do pee in her pool.

He did however, do poop in our pool less than an hour later.

But to his credit, he jumped out of the pool the second it started happening because he knows the "No pooping in the pool rules!"

Call it good timing, but he wasn't done.  I was able to switly get him inside to realize this and took advantage of the moment with a little bribery of a candy and plopped him on his potty seat.  He was reluctant but it worked.

He filled that thing and then he filled his face with a big fat smile :)

Thomas nearly jumped out of his own skin telling David "I'm SO proud of you!"
David's response, "Thanks!"

A little while later I overheard David telling Thomas "I'm almost all growed up now."

Not quite little buddy, but you're getting there!

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