Rising Anxiety

Internet, it's safe to say that everyone in our household is a little on edge for things to come with welcoming Baby G3.

We left Maine on Sunday for the last time before the baby will arrive.  I think telling the boys that we wouldn't be back up there until after their brother arrives got them thinking.  After we got home, Thomas said:

"Mom, how are you going to take care of THREE BOYS?!?!?"  Followed up with: "How are you going to feed us and fit us all at the table?"

David notices things too.  He keeps going in the baby's room and yesterday he wanted to know why I had "baby stuff" laid out in the crib.  (It's all the stuff I plan to bring to the hospital.)  He also keeps putting his stuffed animals in the bouncy seat that's in there and taking books out of there that he doesn't think are baby books.  He's getting a little territorial.

Not to mention that moods and attitudes are all a little off, especially mine.  I have no doubt that I'm making the boys crazy!

Less than three weeks to to go.  We can do this!

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