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Internet, it's funny how things happen.

We've been so caught up in the anxiety and waiting game of Baby G3's arrival that we've been ignoring complaints of a sore tooth from a certain little 5 and a half year old.

Yes, for almost two weeks now he's been demanding to go to the dentist because his tooth hurts.

I figured "maybe it's just sensitive" and have been brushing him off knowing that he will be seeing the dentist in August.

Well last night I instead of brushing him off I gave him the attention he needed and low and behold.....

This face is about to change!

You guessed it, Thomas Trouble has his first loose tooth!  And he couldn't be happier!

This all happened while Einstein was out last evening and it took a lot of restraint to keep Thomas from yelling out the house windows to him when he got home!

He's been full of questions such as "what if it falls out while I'm brushing my teeth and goes down the drain?" and "How will the tooth fairy know when I put it under my pillow?"  And telling me "Mom, you need to take me to the dentist!"

Losing teeth, starting kindergarten, legs that are growing like weeds..........Internet, my baby boy is growing up way too fast!

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