Making a mental note

Internet, yesterday was a crazy day.

It was my first day back to work and it was my first time taking all three boys to a store on my own.

We got home and the big boys immediately went outside to play and I snuggled Maxwell before getting dinner ready.

While we were eating dinner, the doorbell rang and we got "Boo'd". 
The boys were ecstatic.

We had one more house on our list to "Boo" so I figured since they were flying high from their treat, we might as well do it.

You guys, it was pure joy!

I want to forever remember our "mission" and what fun it was!  We pulled up to the house and I opened up the slider.  They hopped out with their tiny flashlights on and tiptoed to the front door.  Thomas placed the bag, rang the door bell and the two of them ran like bats out of hell back to the van!  They climbed in as fast as they could and we peeled away why the door was still closing.  So many giggles!  It was so fun "to be completely in that moment".

We deviated from the rigid plan last night of dinner, bed time prep, story, bed.  I need to remember to make time for these fun little treats.  The joy is too worth it not to let loose. 

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