November 2nd

Internet, today Thomas Trouble is six years old.

I can not believe that I have been his Mama for SIX whole years now!

Where oh where had the time gone?

He now counts his years on two hands.

He was a little confused this morning and couldn't quite understand, if today was his birthday, then why are we having his party tomorrow?

He started his morning with a chocolate chip muffin, one candle, and the rest of us singing happy birthday to him.  He got to open a few - real ones and some odds and ends for his tool box.  He was psyched.

We'll be decking out the house later for his party tomorrow - a haunted house party.

Mornings are total chaos in our house now but we tried to make this morning special.  Einstein ran out early to get the muffins and we had to hustle and bustle to get ready and be out on time.  But you know what?

Going the extra mile for these kids is so worth it.  The pure innocence and joy from them is just so so worth it.........because these moments are fleeting.

I find myself squeezing, kissing, and holding each one of my little miracles a little longer these days.
Happy Happy Birthday, Thomas Trouble.
"I love you to the dinosaurs and back!"

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